Been a busy couple of months with a lot of variety - docos, broadcast, corporate, a short film and these 3 choice little tvc spots.

TVC for Spinnaker and Matsui that we shot the NZ Component for - great to see it come together!

Spent 30 Days over April and May this year shooting a new campaign for Tourism NZ in the South Island of NZ. Was a month of 430am wake ups but to see so many beautiful spots at Sunrise was a real treat (once the coffee kicked in). Beautifully shot by Andrew Stroud and the rest of the Camera team, and wonderfully Produced by Andy Mauger and the good folks at the Sweet Shop and Tourism NZ.

Spent March Shooting the NZ Block on a Feature Doc about Dan Carter with the Pitch International Crew. Great bunch of People and a lot of Fun. Hopefully the Promo will be out soon and the release date has just been announced for the 29th of August. Cant wait to see it.


Great week shooting with the Nat Geo team who had come down South to record 5 days of sit down interviews for an upcoming series on Antartica. After a 80 hour week the previous week it was good to be spending some time in the one place. The location had a few challenges but with a great crew and a little bit of patience we got there. Was recording primarily to the Sound Devices 788T but also a guide track to both of the Amiras. I also used a couple of my Lockits and the Lockit ACN slate. Really enjoying using the Lockit ACN network and how straightforward and simple it is to use.

Also Managed to see a little bit of a promo for the upcoming series and it really does look spectacular. Cant wait to see it (and hear It). 

Had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to pull out some new equipment and the new cart on a drama gig for a sitcom pilot. Was a fairly good run through for the gear as most scenes had 6 key talent with lines so i was busy in the radio mic department managing that.  Luckily i had Joe Veale come onboard as the boom swinger and his help proved invaluable. He had his work cut out with some fairly meaty scenes but did a great job of both remembering a huge amount of cues and keeping on top of the script changes.

In terms of the new gear, the dpa lapels sounded great in most positions especially in the hairline and hats and the new skin colour 4061s were super handy.. They were really my go to lapels with a couple of B6s thrown in for good measure. The end of last year i had purchased a meon life and extra life 40 for a gig that didn't eventuate so it was great to get it working. It wasn't a cheap purchase but it is definitely worth the extra cost. There were some fairly ice cold days on location and the meon always proved solid. There's a couple of alterations to do to the cart itself as a slightly wider wheel base will help with the overall stability, but all in all a very successful 5 days.